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Shenzhen Apex Artcrafts Co,.LTD

Shenzhen Apex Artcrafts Co,.LTD


Shenzhen Apex Artcrafts Co,.LTD
ThuisIndustrie-informatieHigh end customised acrylic furniture

High end customised acrylic furniture


Create a simple home , creative panel furniture to create a stylish and simple home .

    Shenzhen Apex will offer any design accroding to your request. Not only Retail Display , we also offer Retail Display Cosmetic Display Stand, Acrylic Shoe Rack,Cigarette Display Rack and so many different Electronics Retail Display Rack. we are very looking forward to your inquiry.

    Thickness of the Acrylic furniture could be customised, for example 5/10/15/20/30/40mm.Also the color of acrylic Chair, some customers would like blue/red/brown,etc.

acrylic table

Simple home furniture panel furniture 1

acrylic desk

Simple home furniture panel furniture 2

acrylic table

Simple home furniture panel furniture 3

acrylic chair

Simple home furniture panel furniture 4

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